9001_EN_bwDBM International is a green market focused company, supplying a wide range of products and solutions for the whole waste management industry. We offer a full set of products and ITC solutions for municipalities waste managements needs.
Among our products, there are also Software based ITC solutions in waste managements field, a Barcode/RFID based systems and an Advance Fleet managements system, which allow customer to trace the whole lifecycle of waste. We help our customers to easely start up and manage their waste streams. Turn your municipality wastes in opportunity, choose DBM International, the Environmental Solution Company.
We have more than 10 year experience on Italian Market, and we would be glad to share All of our Knowledge with customers intentioned starting up their own recycling activities. Our Company is an ISO 9001 certified company. Our Quality controls and periodical assessments warranty our customers high satisfaction levels. Our Company will be the right partner and supplier in order to solve all waste management needs.